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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to buy the candy bars already wrapped?
No, you may buy wrappers either with or without candy bars. This can provide you with a significant savings. Because of the additional labor and high cost of shipping candy bars, especially during the Summer, you may prefer to supply your own candy bars.

2. What kind of candy bars can I get custom wrappers for?
Most of our candy bar wrappers come in four sizes:

1.55 oz Hershey's Chocolate Bar (regular candy bar)
56 oz Snack Size Kit Kat Bars (two chocolate wafers)
Hershey's Assorted Miniatures
Assorted LifeSavers Rolled Candy

3. How much do they cost?
Please see our pricing page since they are different prices for each size and there are also quantity break prices!

4. Do you accept Visa and Master Card?
Yes, we accept Visa & Master Card and Pay Pal an online payment option you sign up for.Our order form is on a Secure Server for your protection! We also accept Checks and Money Orders!

5. How do I put the wrapper on?
We recommend leaving the original wrapper in place, and over-wrapping with your personalized wrapper. You can use "Double Stick Tape." Or a Permanent Glue Stick to seal the wrappers. We will send wrapping instructions with each wrapper order.

6. How do I place my order?
We have a secure online order form for your convenience or we can take you order over the phone or by email!

7. I have something specific in mind that I don't see on your website. Can you design a wrapper for me if I tell you what I want? We will be happy to design a wrapper just for you and send you a sample by email, however you must be placing an order with us to do so!

8. Can I have a photo on my wrapper and why is there an extra charge?
Yes you can! Please remember, if using a professional photograph I must have a written release from the photographer prior to processing your order. The extra $5.00 scan charge is for not only scanning the photo but also retouching if needed, cropping, placing etc... it is time consuming but
photo wrappers are outstanding! You will really like the finished product, it is worth the extra charge.

9. Once I place my order, how long does it take to arrive?
I recommend that you place your order and enter as much information as possible on the order form, I will contact you by email to get anything else I need to know then I will begin working on your order,. Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be mailed out within 1 week. If you need it sooner than that, there is a rush order fee of $15.00 which will be added to your order along with any applicable over night mailing costs.
Birth Announcement wrappers will continue to be a priority and there is no added charge for the rush. All orders are processed in 24 hours!

11. What type of paper do you use?
We use a Laser Gloss for Superior quality and vibrant colors which is great for images! With laser you get a professional quality wrapper without worry of ink smears! The finish is permanent to ensure your keepsakes will last forever!

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